• Henderson Group Awarded Platinum Quality Mark Award
    Henderson Group Awarded Platinum Quality Mark Award

    Henderson Group is one of only three companies in Northern Ireland to be presented with a special award in recognition of its charitable donations

  • SPAR receives award for workplace health promotion
    SPAR Holburn Street Carries the Torch for Local Retail

    Linda Pirie, store manager from SPAR Holburn Street, will live out the dreams of many when she carries the Olympic Torch in Aberdeen on its route through the UK.

  • SPAR China staff
    SPAR China wins Innovation Award for online training

    SPAR China has been recognised for its highly innovative Online Training Academy for retail employees with a prestigious award from the China Chainstore and Franchise Association.

  • Guild Academy logo
    Blakemore launches unique retail apprenticeship scheme

    SPAR wholesaler Blakemore Trade Partners pioneering retail training centre, The Guild Academy, has launched a unique apprenticeship scheme designed specifically for the convenience retail market. The SPAR wholesaler's training academy linked up with Retail Skill Smart to develop the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Retail Management.

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SPAR training opportunities for employees are becoming more important to ensure staff motivation and job satisfaction. Improvements in technical and managerial knowledge are essential and generate a competitive advantage.

Our employees are the heart of our organization and to maintain the position of a valued employer, SPAR partners have to offer their people relevant benefits.

In addition to training possibilities for current employees, SPAR also focuses on the development of qualified staff for the future and the valued annual Future Leaders Programme is just one example.


Employee involvement creates a working environment in which people have an impact on decisions and operations affecting the business.

The more information that is shared within the organisation, the more our people are involved and motivated to contribute to a continuous improvement and ongoing success at work.

Besides information sharing, SPAR partners also give their people a chance to bring in their own opinion, ideas and worries. Moreover, SPAR is committed to assign jobs with actual responsibility for the employee in order to motivate and increase efficiency.


Those are the stories of exceptional retailers and staff that make a real difference within SPAR. Champions are people who stand behind their SPAR store, behind the business and behind the products. Champions are the heroes of SPAR and demonstrate best practices which can be taken as an example for others.

We should identify our champions within the business and also those who we form partnerships in the local community, and communicate their achievements and motivate them and others to do more.

Champions are people who take initiative and go that extra mile in order to make a difference to customers, employees and the community at large.