• SPAR is a pioneer in fair trade
    SPAR is a pioneer in fair trade

    Fairtrade Austria is celebrating its 20th anniversary...

  • Introducing vegetarian private label brand 'SPAR Veggie' into the Swiss market
    Introducing vegetarian private label brand 'SPAR Veggie' into the Swiss market

    More and more Swiss consumers are consciously making the decision to reduce their meat consumption and have one or two meat-free days each week. Motivations to purchase the alternatives available are different but all have one thing in common: it must be delicious to eat

  • Tickle your tastebuds at SPAR Seasalter
    Tickle your tastebuds at SPAR Seasalter

    SPAR Seasalter hosted a tasting day to celebrate all that is great about local food

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SPAR provides convenience through the vast diversity of healthy and dietary products available instore. We address customer needs with a wide assortment of diverse products e.g. vegetarian 'Vital Range', 'Good for You' or ‘Gluten Free’. In order to improve information sharing with customers and to responsibly inform them about healthy nutrition, product packaging now includes GDA labels.

We are currently working to improve staff knowledge of sustainable products we sell so they can advise customers instore. SPAR Austria holds information days instore to raise customer awareness with food samples and members on the shop floor engaging shoppers.

Eco & Fair

The number of Eco and Fair Trade products, or 'SPAR green products' found in stores is increasing. Customers show their responsibility for the environment, as well as for a healthy nutrition by purchasing these products.

In response, we at SPAR are continually growing our product offering worldwide. We try to focus on ethical aspects such as the origin of eggs and responsible animal treatment, as well as on organic product ranges.

A large majority of seafood products available are branded with the Marine Stewardship Council logo showing sustainable and well-managed fishing.

Food Safety

Food safety is an essential aspect in our society which must not be neglected. Customers are more aware of the importance of food safety and focus on professional hygiene standards.

This is a matter that cannot be neglected, especially in the food retail industry as food can transmit diseases and serve as a growth medium for bacteria which can cause food poisoning. In SPAR, we encourage our people to handle, prepare and store food in ways that are according to ISO standards and HACCP training in order to prevent illnesses.

Moreover, we are active in the development of new methods and technologies in order to offer customers healthy and safe products.

Local Partners

By creating partnerships with local farmers, SPAR retailers are trying to establish and improve local sourcing in order to benefit from its advantages as well as to encourage local employment.

SPAR sponsors the local farmers, educates them and helps them improving their supply chain. In exchange of SPAR’s support local farmers provide them with their product.

Additionally, we build partnerships with non-profit organisations such as the WWF and work closely together with them in order to built sustainability and a win-win situation for both parties.